Tenebris - Catafalque-Comet

Tenebris is a band from Poland that exists from more than 15 years but always had problems with members or labels. They released some stuff over the years but now 3 recordings on 1 album. Track 1-5 are from Catafalque (1997), track 6-8 from Comet (2001) and the last 2 from the 1999 promo The Ooze. Tenebris is playing avantgardish death metal. Meaning that it is technical with various jump in tempo and melody. Also jazz parts can be heard in slow rhythms. Vocals are rather clean and sung than the standard aggressive and growling death metal vocals. Melody also with spacy flows and with heavy basslines. Guitars are almost without leads but the riffs change so much into experimental pieces that it seems he is tripping in the song. Tenebris is no band for the brutal maniacs but for those who like experiments and progressiveness..

1. You'd Better Fear Light
2. Nefilim/Annunanki
3. Catafalque
4. An Alien Harvest
5. Hello (Alien Life Form)
6. The Comet
7. See Comet Feel Cold
8. Trial Of The Comet
9. Carlos Lullaby
10. Wanderer

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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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