Tenebris - Melting

The history of this Polish band goes back to 1991. They released 2 demos, 2 albums and 1 EP before the split up in 2003. But the blood flows and so Tenebris is reunited in 2005 and after releasing a compilation in 2007 a new EP follows that same year.
"Melting" is the EP with 4 new tracks and different from what they have done before. Tenebris plays experimental rock with slightly metal touches. The guitars are easily picking jazzy rhythms why the vocals can growl. Mostly the songs are instrumental but when they sing they sing. Various vocal intonations that expreses mood. Also the song structures are complex and at first hand sometimes chaotic but it never gets out of control. They handle the instruments perfectly and create some mystical and dynamic songs. Very worth checking out.

1. Cold Star
2. Adha Pawn
3. Melting
4. Gnome

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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