Terminal Carnage - The Sickening Rebirth

"The dress does not make the monk". Have you ever heard this phrase? Well! Do not look at the cover but insert the disc directly into your player. Terminal Carnage are a duo from Germany struggling with their first album. "The Sickening Rebirth" is the first official work of this band born only during the course of 2020. Interesting debut from every point of view and in my opinion one of the best of this year just started.

While remaining faithful to a certain type of canonical and old style death metal, Terminal Carnage manage to perfectly insert scores bordering on doom in the song structures. 9 tracks for a total of 32 minutes of pure headbanging. The band managed to build a crescendo of wickedness and heaviness song after song without ever giving a sign of weakness.

If until 'Dead Mass (The Doom Of Mankind)' the two boys tried to leave almost quietly but always in a lethal way with their songs. From 'Bereaved Cry' things begin to change (for the better) and everything becomes darker and heavier. Fantastic mid tempos and a slow but downright devastating pace. Among other things, at least for me, it is one of the best songs of this work.

From here on, no misstep and the band completes their work in a truly excellent way. One of the death metal albums I've been waiting to hear for a long time, really recommended. A journey into the darkest and heaviest meanders that I have been waiting for for a long time.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Future Shock (Intro)
2. Involuntary Organ Donor
3. The Sickening Rebirth
4. Dead Mass (The Doom Of Mankind)
5. Bereaved Cry
6. Chaos The New World Order
7. Least Evil
8. Years Of Demise
9. Obituary After Death