Texas Murder Crew - Everyone’s Last Breath

Texas Murder Crew’s “Everyone’s Last Breath” takes on an unbelievably maniacal mindset upon the start of the intro in which the band include an almost black metal sounding blast beat drumming excerpt, but still maintaining the essence of the true brutal death metal sound. From there, absolute insanity commences to consume all rational thought with this immense curb stomping madness. There really is no originality here, but the band is one of those that can make up for the lack of originality by the sheer brutality in which they play this maddening form of extreme metal. If you wanted to attempt to relate this material to other bands, I would have to say that fans of Deeds of Flesh, Lividity, Aborted Fetus, Dying Fetus, Broken Hope, and Aborted.

The most impressive part of this release is the music. The vocals are fairly decent, but I expected a little more variation. Even so, the style and pattern chosen here sufficed and blended well with the music. This release is only 6 tracks with a playing time of just over 18 minutes. If they can do this well with this short of a release, I can only imagine what damage they could do with the power and passion of a full-length release. Even though I think they could use a tweak in the vocal department, what they have presented here cements their presence in the underground and sets the foundation high for a damn good following with each future release.

If you are into any of the bands mentioned earlier, contact Texas Murder Crew or Comatose Music to add this release to your collection. You will not be disappointed!

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro
2. Curse Of Humanity
3. Destroy The Witness
4. Beneath My Feet
5. Everyone's Last Breath
6. Stronghold