The Classic Struggle - Feel Like Hell

The Classic Struggle delivers their Metal Blade debut in May 2006. An album containing 12 tracks in a modern thrash/death mixture. Songs that are compact and aggressive. Pluspoint is the drummer Tyler who fires rapid bassdrum blast throught the songs and pounds everything locked. Vocals are that metalcore/screamo and could be more thrashy. Riffing goes fast and having melodic rhythms. After listening this album a couple of times I must say it is sounding oke and heavy. But I wouldn't call it original or re-inventing but just a cool album to clear your confused mind.

1. Death March
2. Feel Like Hell
3. From These Eyes
4. Amen to Artillery
5. The Forgotten End
6. Unsacred
7. Burn the Fallen
8. Storms of Swords
9. Sworn Alliance
10. It's Not About Breaking Hearts, It's About Breaking Faces
11. Claim Your Own
12. Take Aim

Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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