The Davolinas - Edge Of A New Day

This band existing of 2 Davolinas and 1 Diablo are from Denmark playing heavy psychedelic stonerrock. Songs are build around different guitarthemes playing bluesy sounding riffs with a lot of catch. There's a lot of subtle changes and details all together with some melodic psych parts. The strong rhythym section keeps the songs alive and interesting and finishing touch is provided with the female vocals that represent the different moods present in the songs. Definitely a great varied disc for fans of stoner and heavy bluesy rock...

1. Surf II
2. Edge of a new day
3. Exit repression
4. Happiness is fragile
5. I want you to burn with me
6. Nightfall
7. Running on the moon
8. Stormy street
9. Gotta connect
10. Heaven in me
11. Destiny

Nasoni Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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