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2020 has not only been the most bizarre year, but it’s been a surprisingly decent year for underground metal. Here I’ve listed my top records from the archives of 2020. Diving deep into genres from black metal, deathcore, and of course the ultra brutal that came out this year. I hope you enjoy my list and hopefully you may even find some gems for yourself.

EPs (Top 5)
5) Gutrectomy – Slaughter The Innocent
4) Texas Murder Crew – Everyone’s Last Breath
3) World Of Pleasure – World Of Pleasure
2) Entropy – Denouement
1) The Stygian Complex – Tartarus

Albums (Top 50)
50) Esophagus – Defeated By Their Inferiority
49) Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter
48) Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity
47) Exocrine – Maelstrom
46) Orbit Culture – Nija
45) Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville
44) Wvrm – Colony Collapse
43) Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger
42) Second To Stun – Leviathan
41) Molecular Fragmentation – Unparalleled Fatal Collapse
40) Carnifloor – Engulfed In Gold
39) Werewolves – The Dead Are Screaming
38) Scordatura – Mass Failure
37) Primitive Man – Immersion
36) Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment
35) Basement Torture Killings – Lessons In Murder
34) Defeated Sanity – The Sanguinary Impetus
33) Molested Divinity – Unearthing The Void
32) Cryptic Shift – Visitations From Enceladus
31) Desert Storm – Omens
30) Devangelic – Ersetu
29) Total Consumption – Inconveniences
28) Gaerea – Limbo
27) Fawn Limbs – Sleeper Vessels
26) Human Barbecue – Bloodstained Altars
25) Year Of The Knife – Internal Incarceration
24) Of Feather And Bone – Sulfuric Disintegration
23) The Infernal Sea – Negotium Crucis
22) Paradise Lost – Obsidian
21) Twitch Of The Death Nerve – A Resting Place For The Wrathful
20) Encystment – Egregious Treatment Of Cloacal Exstrophy Malformation
19) Benighted – Obscene Repressed
18) Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still
17) 156/Silence – Irrational Pull
16) Pothead – Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Žižkov
15) Klysma – Mental
14) Methwitch – Indwell
13) Stillbirth – Revive The Throne
12) Cytotoxin – Nuklearth
11) Venom Prison – Primevil

review Embodiment - Palingenesis
10) Embodiment – Palingenesis
Technicality and complexity fuels Embodiment’s sophomore release, as it drives down the right path to success. Often heading into directions of The Black Dahlia Murder and Aborted, whilst also showcasing glints of something extra special, yet to be revealed. These guys get Trivium’s Matt Heafy’s approval, so surely they’ll be getting yours?

review Disavowed - Revocation Of The Fallen
9) Disavowed – Revocation Of The Fallen
Brutal death metal legends have returned! Revocation Of The Fallen is a masterpiece in the brutal death world, which for me was worth the wait. Technical riffs annihilate throughout blastbeat galore whilst keeping everything tight and professional. Vocally you can expect a stunning selection of wind-like howls and the famous death grunts from the genre. Truly brutal and destructive altogether, like a brick to the face…again and again.

review The Black Dahlia Murder - Vermin
8) The Black Dahlia Murder – Vermin

Melodic death metal kings are back on their ninth studio album. Impressively, it’s superb. A step in the right direction lyrical wise, as well as progressing from their previous two albums, which in my opinion are the band’s weakest from a still great selection. Vermin touches on themes of disease, plague and wrath, and ultimately defines the band as the genre’s most competitive and hard working. Everybody wants more Dahlia, especially after such a fist-punching kickass release as this!

review Cranial Contamination - Into The Warp
7) Cranial Contamination – Into The Warp
United Kingdom brutal death metal duo have stepped up their game entirely on their debut album offering. After two great EPs, it was definitely time to release a full length, and what better way to smash it than with some of the most beserk artwork and most unique guttural styled vocals possibly, not to mention the catchy-bouncy riffs at hand. Carefully treading into slam territories without defining them under the genre is something Cranial do best. These guys are onto great things in the brutal death metal world and not to be missed!

review Visions of Disfigurement - Aeons Of Misery
6) Visions Of Disfigurement – Aeons Of Misery
Continuing from the UK band theme, as well as Ukraine’s label RealityFade smashing the upcoming bands game this year, is none other than Visions Of Disfigurement. Brutal death metal with remnants of dirty slam riffs and horrific vocals done well enough to gain enough cred to raise the band’s status higher than that of other UK slam fiends that claim to be kings. If the glorious artwork alone doesn’t pull you in, then let opener ‘The Body Farm’, begin your horror themed listening experience as this young death metal band is worth all the hype.

review Lorna Shore - Immortal
5) Lorna Shore – Immortal
Despite complications with their vocalist earlier in the year, ‘Immortal’ reigns supreme as a constant and necessary asset to the world of unique death metal bands. Whilst somewhat straying from their deathcore roots, the band enter realms of symphonic orchestration, crafting a record that Carnifex have been trying to put out for the last decade. The vocal range is incredible, often catchy and memorable whilst also retaining the most gurgly growls you’ve ever heard. Atmospherically impressive, this album isolates itself from so many sub-genres and caters for the masses looking for something diverse in the world of core.

review Carach Angren - Franckensteina Strataemontanus
4) Carach Angren – Franckensteina Strataemontanus
Continuing the theme of symphonic styled bands I seem to be enjoying recently, is the utter brilliance of Carach Angren’s ‘Franckensteina Strataemontanus’. The album portrays themes of horror and fictional beings using an army of instrumental talents which throw you into a whirlwind of interest. This is a release that will give more and more with each listen as I’m sure new listeners of this band will become as fascinated as I was upon discovering it.

review The Acacia Strain - Decay
3) The Acacia Strain – Decay
Whether or not they refuse the deathcore tag, The Acacia Strain are perhaps the hottest band to touch on the genre in years, simply still grasping at the crown. Decay was a surprise album release from the doom-core belters, and it’s a better record than any that dare to touch on these genres combined. With plenty of guest vocalists featured and fuelled with a monstrous production, this is easily within the top two records the band have crafted in their entire career, and no doubt will we welcome future TAS records with open arms.

review Napalm Death - Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
2) Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
Whilst technically this could be listed as a punk album, it’s clear to see that the direction Napalm Death have taken on album number sixteen is one you would not expect. From one extreme to the next, Napalm Death are genre defiant 39 years into their career. What other band could you simply expect that from? A well deserved second spot on my heavy list of the year, as Napalm Death continue to stun using their creative aspects, and that age has simply shaped and defined them as one of the best bands in metal today. The record is as harsh as it’s brutal album cover suggests, proving their age has only perfected the band, as Barney and co show that they can still bash out the bangers.

review Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full
1) Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full
Whilst normally her work could be considered towards the folk genre path, Emma Ruth Rundle has teamed up with US doom/sludge metallers Thou for a collaboration that simply cannot be ignored. Stealing my heavy album of the year top spot quite late into the year as this album dives into realms of bleak atmospheric perfection. The echoed black metal styled vocals from Thou portray an evil demon-esk feeling, hiding behind Emma’s beautiful and charismatic, soothed vocals. This record is mesmerising, but may take a few listens to digest for those unfamiliar with the genres at hand, but the release is 100% worth your time as it has breathes emotional and heavy aspects like you’ve never heard them before.

Reviewer: The Fetus Bin

Dec 7, 2020

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The Fetus Bin – Album Year List 2020

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