The Few Against Many - Sot

“Sot” is the very first sign of life of The Few Against Many, a band consisting of (former) members of Scar Symmetry, Incapacity and Demiurg to name just a few. This album was released by the Singaporean label Pulverised Records and starts with the uptempo track “Hädanfärd” to herald 36 minutes of melodic Death Metal with technical elements and keyboard passages. An interesting fact about the songs is that Jonas Renske of Katatonia and Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity contributed lyrics for “Abider” and “One With The ´Shadows”. The rest of the songs are presented in the bands native language, which is of course Swedish. The Few Against Many offer elaborately staged tracks with lots of melodic embellishments and versatility. Some seemingly progressive ingredients show the bands excellent skills, while the embedded keyboard passages are a decorative and not too obtrusive attachment. Every single number ranges from mid-paced parts to uptempo elements and once again I have to say these guys know how to handle their instruments. But unfortunately there´s also a lack of real catchy tunes on “Sot”. Maybe this was the bands aim, but I doubt The Few Against Many did themselves a favour with it. The dark growled lyrics offer stories about rural Sweden and the ever-popular death. Regrettably, the vocals are a bit too one-dimensional and some clean passages every now and then would have opened up the songs. Despite the very good skills and the clear recording quality, it´ll be a long way for the band, because a lot of talented newcomers overstock the market of releases almost every week. The result isn´t outstanding or groundbreaking, but in any case interesting for those who like melodic Death Metal with keyboards and technical components.

  1. Hädanfärd

  2. Bränd Mark

  3. Blod

  4. Skapelsens Sorti

  5. Sot

  6. Abider

  7. Heresi

  8. One With The Shadow

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 28, 2009

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