The Grotesquery - Tales Of The Coffin Born

I ain't heard an album of this calibre in a long long time! It's simple. THIS ALBUM SLAYS! This CD is the lovechild of none other than death metal godfather and legend, Kam lee
(Massacre, Denial Fiend, Death, Mantis) and Rogga Johansson ( Paganizer, Demiurg, Ribspreader, Deranged, Edge Of Sanity). So as you can see it's of a fine pedigree so expectations are high but bloody hell it delivers!!!

The theme and influence of these guys is that based of H.P. Lovecraft stories and using them to create some of the most crushing horror influenced death metal. Kam Lee is on fine fine form on this CD and I have to admit I didn't like Denial Fiend but this has completely restored my faith in him. There's almost a tinge of Napalm Death in the overall sound or should that be vice versa!?

Anyway, there are eerie interludes which a father tells more and more of the story as each track plays. The voice is very distorted and shifts adding to more effect. The production is absolutely mint with every instrument heard with great clarity and power. One of the best productions I've heard in a while in fact. There are no filler songs on this. Each song is a ripper and part of the overall story being told.

The album is very dark and very haunting and to me you can see alot of effort has went into this album and it really shows! I believe this album to be a classic in the making because I haven't heard an album this good in a long time. Miss this at your peril! And if you don't own this......... fuck off cause your not death metal!!!! Classic stuff!

1. Coffin Birth
2. This Morbid Child
3. That Thing Which Lurks In The Shadows
4. Necromantic Ways
5. The Terrible Old Man
6. Sins Of His Father
7. Nightmares Made Flesh
8. Sepulcher Macabre
9. Fall Of The House Of Grotesque

Cyclone Empire Records
Reviewer: Connor
Mar 7, 2010

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