The Hole - A Monument To The End Of The World

This is death/thrash from Spain and upon my first few listens I get the impression that this band have many influences, although haven’t really decided on the style per-say that they want to record. Thrashier moments start the release, but quickly develop to a darker stance, especially vocally towards ‘Pro Patria Mori’. Then melodic death metal a-la At the Gates creeps in for ‘The Third Seal’ and then some warrior death metal akin to Amon Amarth rears its head for ‘Dark of My Soul’.

‘Warriors Roar’ stands out rather well, its quite dark with plenty of tempo changes and a nice multi-tracked riff later. The limiting factor is the loss of sustain when the vocals are not the major focus of the song, there is a cold emptiness about the sound. On some songs it works, on others it does not. Another track to sink your teeth into is ‘Harsh Times’ which is a bit fuller, a bit thicker in sound, much more thrashier in the rhythm. Although vocally, there is an effect added so it sounds like some of the Swedish death metal bands which changes the character of the verse, the chorus is straight ahead gang vocals.

This is a strong release, my only criticism would be a lack of stability in style, and the transition could be smoother as you pick that up in the compressed sound that is also mixed with some various effects on the vocals. Good in theory, but better recording techniques would make this less obvious.

  1. An Elegy For The End Of Time (Intro)  
  2. Crushin’ 
  3. Apocalyptic Collapse  
  4. Hellride  
  5. Warrior's Roar 
  6. Moonlight 
  7. Pro Patria Mori  
  8. The Third Seal  
  9. Dark Of My Soul  
  10. Harsh Times 
  11. Misanthropic Wave 

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2014
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