The infernal Sea – The Great Mortality

At this point in time where most (not all) are harking back to the glory days but no one can argue against the fact that black metal is stronger than it ever has been and is going through another creative golden age. On that note the UK black metal scene is stronger than ever before and bands like The Infernal Sea are a prime example.

"The Great Mortality" the bands second full length is everything you want from a black metal album it brings to mind the classic period, you get early Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Darkthrone you get the modern ferocity of 1349 and above all you get twice the atmosphere that some bands hire entire orchestras achieve half of. Its pitch black, it’s a cold, relentless and vicious aided mainly by vocalist Dean Lettice’s glass gargling screams. But hidden under the surface are some eerie, harrowing and dare I say it beautiful moments. On tracks like 'The Bearer' for example where the song goes into a dark slow interlude the use of violin adds this brilliant atmosphere and when the songs builds to its cataclysmic climax it leaves you spellbound, then they kick straight into 'Purification By Fire' and it’s like a blizzard rushing through you, then you get the punk flavored 'Pestmeester' with Voices Sam Loynes doing his weird crooning during the chorus and 'Entombed In Darkness' is just bewildering.

This album ticks so many boxes, as diverse as black metal is in its own right "The Great Mortality" gets the balance right it’s gnarly and filthy and has just enough atmospheres without diluting its heaviness. It’s fucking awesome and not to mention the artwork is stunning also. It’s a perfect black metal album.

  1. Den Sorte Død
  2. Way Of The Wolf
  3. The Bearer
  4. Purification By Fire
  5. Pestmeester
  6. Entombed In Darkness
  7. Plague Herald
  8. Brethren Of The Cross