The King Is Blind – We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer

Following just a year after the critically acclaimed debut “Our Father” The King Is Blind unleash their second album “We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer”.

On this album the band really build on the foundation laid on the first album while adding a few extra touches. Like “Our Father” this is a concept album (a sequel actually!) so this time Steve Tovey is really stretching himself vocally he is doing a lot more with his vocals and it feels like he is doing different voices for different characters etc. as well as doing spoken word passages on ‘The Sky Is A Mirror’ which builds up with storytelling in its song structure and ‘Like Gods Departed’ has a cool choir vocals in the verse.

Musically we get what we got before a fantastic mix of fast, brutal, slow and doom laden and melodic when need be metal. The riffs are thick and dense. The king is Blind’s biggest success is the way they are able to mix a number of styles without fully falling into a sub-genre but also maintain heaviness and engaging songs without cancelling potential listeners out. They have a track like ‘As Vermin Swarm’ which is absolutely blistering, they will have a slow sludgy riffs on ‘Like Gods Departed’ that bring to mind Crowbar and punky hardcore songs like ‘Godfrost’ which is catchy as hell. Bolt Thrower legend Karl Willetts turns up on ‘Mantra XIII’ and you can imagine how that sounds? Good old British death metal!

As a concept album this succeeds in finding the balance of flowing as a story and a single piece while the songs stand on their own as individual pieces. Overall this and “Our Father” serves as a one-two punch. The two albums really complement each other. I think this new release just has the edge over its predecessor but again you’ll need both. This is a one to start with though. It’s a fantastic record, its fast and frantic, its slow and doomy it’s dark and atmospheric and like its album cover it’s ugly and hellish but disturbingly beautiful.

Calva Records
Reviewer: Joe Denby

Sep 19, 2017

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The King Is Blind – We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer

review of The King Is Blind – We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer
  1. Patriarch
  2. Embers From A Dying Son (Plague: Gula)
  3. Like Gods Departed (Plague: Acedia)
  4. Mantra XIII (Plague: Avaritia)
  5. The Sky Is A Mirror (Plague: Luxuria)
  6. Idolatry Of Self (Plague: Superbia)
  7. As Vermin Swarm (Plague: Ira)
  8. GodFrost (Plague: Invidia)
  9. The Burden Of Their Scars



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