The One Eyed Muskrats - Projected Garbage

The One Eyed Muskrats are one of those bands that do everything right and in good humor... except it can be painful for listeners. While taking on a bit of a humorous approach while merging it with metal/ hard rock. There is a thrash base to the instruments with a raw garage sound, but when the vocals come on it just sounds awful and untrained... like several guys got drunk at a bar, got up on stage, took some guitars and a drum kit, and just began mashing out songs. Tracks like "Servant to Society" and "Now You're Old" will make listeners cringe with the vocal tones. If the vocals weren't there, this might be decent... but then again the amusing aspects of the lyrics would be gone.

The two best songs here is the appropriately titled "The Drinking Song." Not only is it appropriate for the album, but the vocals suit it perfectly without coming off as too cheesy or terrible. The only thing that isn't drunkenly played is the music, which is actually catchy. Then there's "Blue Waffle." Terrible track name, but the whole track is aggressive with a mix of grind thrash and the vocals are all overlapped together which magically somehow makes them.... good? Together they sound like a raging thrash metal band done the eighties way properly; at this point the untrained vocals don't matter. Fans will have either already stopped the record by this track or gotten used to it and played on.

There is potetential here... with any bad. Nobody sucks too much they can't get better. But, Muskrats had best lay off the alcohol tabs and stick more to the guitar tabs if they ever want to clear up their sound and be taken seriously. As much fun as it seems like they've been having with this record, new fans may turn a blind eye to their fun if the music doesn't sound like it was done in a professional, well produced manner. Very few 'joke bands' have made it along the way without evolving into something bigger and more straightforward (Arsonists Get All The Girls was like that at one time). Hopefully these guys will keep up with the thrash but get a better take on the vocals.

  1. Haggard Hogarth
  2. Gutterbound
  3. Chinese Fingertrap
  4. The Drinking Song
  5. Servant To Society
  6. Town To Town
  7. Petroleum Jelly
  8. Now You're Old
  9. Blue Waffle
  10. Aliens
  11. Blood Money Beer
  12. Projected Garbage

S.B.S Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 14, 2011
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