The Outside - The Outside

The Outside are from Germany, originally one guitarist and their drummer are from Chile, while the Bass player is from Turkey. Labelled as a thrash band, I was really surprised when I first heard the band’s music, as it not what I would call thrash! As the opening track ‘Empire’ develops, the group, especially vocalist Roland B. Marx, sound a lot like Nevermore, and I mean a lot like them. The guitar riffs played with that constant staccato guitar sound, thunder into life in so much of a similar vein. Such similarities can have their drawbacks, a lot of the tracks on this release sound the same and follow the same tempo, an unfortunate combination of the same idea repeated time and time again, but there are glimmers of hope. ‘Revolt of Reason’ is more powerful, it still has an almost progressive metal stance to it, but there is still a lot to take in at once. Musically, I cannot fault The Outside; my main issue is that they sound far too similar to that big hitting band I have previously mentioned. I simply wish there was a change in tempo every now and again; this could be a starting point of musical redemption.

‘Impurity’ does this marginally at it start, it has more get up and go in regards it’s rhythm, but as previous song encounters prove, it loses all momentum during the verse. The guitars are just too busy; it needs to be simpler. If you are of the musically talented inclination you will certainly rejoice and study to music with more depth than what I think about it at this moment in time, but you would be hard pressed to find any distinguishable characteristics. ‘Impurity’ stands out furthermore as it progresses. The use of different guitar tones and vocal range variations quickly follow and now we begin to have music that is much more challenging but it may in fact be too late. ‘The Stench’, the closing track, has a wicked guitar solo and this brings me to conclude that the latter part of the album is more interesting than its beginnings.

The Outside are far removed from their thrash tag if you were to rely on large reference websites, I would lump them into the progressive metal genre as they are real gifted riff obsessed musicians by the nature of their ability to produce such complex ideas, but there is not a clear direction on how to arrange them together to something of a memorable quality. Sometimes the simpler things in life work out best, it takes a lot of effort to endure this album, simply for its cavalier approach to fitting everything into a few minutes on one single track time and time again. The dangers of sounding too similar to your peers is that you can often fall off the top of the pile and remain lingering in obscurity and that is a shame, The Outside deserve your attention for their musical ability as I have repeated time after time throughout this review, but it is not an album that I myself would freely choose to play in repeat mode and is more suited to dedicated fans of this particular style of music.


  1. Empire
  2. The Worm
  3. Revolt Of Reason
  4. Blood Runs Black
  5. My Revolution
  6. Impurity
  7. Spored Of Greed
  8. We Are Sin
  9. Perfect Reign
  10. The Stench