The Ransack - Bloodline

Sweet and stright to the point. This is what The Ransack delivers to its fans... in a death metal fashion of course with some melodic bits thrown in. 'Bloodline' is their third studio album and hits just as hard as their others, but with each album they release they seem to delve more and more into melodic death metal territory. And even maybe a bit of thrash. For those who may recall a band called Duskfall, The Ransack tends to sound like them a lot of times on this album.

Some highlight tracks are "Collateral Damage" for the impressive drumming in between riffs, "Enemy" for an impressive vocal range (in holding the notes that is) and catchy riffs that border thrash; part of this is due to the increased pace and tempo of the music. "Scars" is the catchiest song of all with an excellent rock base with how the riffs chug along in a repetitive, but engaging form. "Trace" features excellent melody within the guitars notes- many tracks feature this a lot- but it is most profound in this track particularly.

For those who enjoy melodic death metal that are more along the lines of At The Gates, Duskfall, or even Heaven Shall Burn without the usual trite Soilwork or In Flames sound when it comes to keyboards and harsh/ clean vocal dualities, then The Ransack are the perfect band for that. They know how to pummel earholes into submission while at the same time injecting melody so the listeners enjoy it despite their sufferings. A fine third release!

  1. Missing
  2. Collateral Damage
  3. Vicodin
  4. Zenith
  5. Sons Of The Seas
  6. The Last Days
  7. Enemy
  8. My Bullet Your Name
  9. Scars
  10. Trace

Raging Planet
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 26, 2011

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