The Schizoid - Pariah

The Schizoid is a one man black metal band from Toronto, Canada. Jason Smith (aka Schizoid) was the vocalist and occasional bassist of the now defunct black metal band Dead Of Winter. He decided to return with this solo project and "Pariah" full length is the band's first release. The album features 7 songs spanning to around 36 minutes.

The production of the album is lo-fi and I think lovers of the sound that was created when bands were recording on 4-track or 8-track recorders, will like it. The riffs have a primitive sound, which-I understand-is part of the band's aesthetics, but they are not really memorable.

The vocals are moving in the Norwegian black metal ways with ease, they have passion and I think the band tries to revive the early frozen black metal feeling of the period when Darkthrone released such classics like "A Blaze From The Northern Sky" and "Transylvanian Hunger", which easy as it may sound, it is not at all. The repetitive themes although a part of the aesthetics here they weaken the songwriting and despite the bass performs some nice fills, the result is far from interesting.

But the weakest part of the album is the bad sounding drum programming. It sounds plastic and it is unfair for the result. For example in the 3rd song 'Singularist Rites' the drums sound is really weak and the buzzing guitar trying to structure a melody makse the result even weaker.

At times the band has good moments, but overall the album doesn't make it to capture the feeling of the early days, which I believe was the band's goal. The songwriting is rather predictable and repetitive. "Pariah" sounds like a demo in tribute to the old black metal days and will possibly appeal only to fans of this particular sound.

1. Antipotence
2. Havok Reek
3. Singularist Rites
4. Intransience
5. Non Grata
6. Archaisms
7. Zerzanic Tumultua

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Jul 17, 2019

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