The Sin Committee - Confess

Such a splendid act, The Sin Committee is a band that deserves your attention especially being a band not yet fully known. What’s all about? Here we go:

After switching on the player, the atmosphere is filled with some distorted funk-jazz drumming accompanied by some electronic sounds, which suddenly engulf into a blend of Progressive Modern Groovy Metal with hints of Hardcore and NU Metal, but that’s not all!

The music is full of technique, experimentation, groove, precision and a nice variation that will keep the listener happily awake! In addition, having the beautiful side of bands like Dream Theatre, the music is quite extreme, and slightly down tuned (typical of Hardcore/NU Metal bands). Yep quite a modern sound. The bass guitar sound is quite a splendor – besides the well played patterns, its sound is just thick and well mixed.  In fact this is one of those releases where bass guitar has its role in music. At times I think this is a fretless bass, or maybe not!

In a nutshell, imagine the technique, patterns and elements from Dream Theatre, to the occasional grooves of Cathedral, to the rhythmic patterns of Alice In Chains (the DIRT album) and to the extremity of bands like Korn and the related.

About the vocalist there is one big up and one little down! First of all the performance varies from purely clean voice, to enforced voice (call it the Hardcore voice) and finally to occasional deep growling (somehow in vein of old Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride). The singer has quite a robust voice when he goes deeper or higher, however at times he lacks the juice when singing in mid-range. It doesn’t happen often, but in some cases, he could do better and I am sure that this vocalist can do quite well. Perhaps a little guidance might definitely help.

So to conclude, The Sin Committee is a band that one must definitely keep an eye on them, and I am quite sure that the next album will be a ground-breaking one!

  1. Confess
  2. Serious Adverse Event
  3. Staw Men
  4. Regression Of Faith
  5. Four 2 One

Self released
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 8, 2009

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