The Stone - Umro

The Stone's fourth album, 'Umro,' is quite the black metal opus. Drawing on the influences of bands like Deathspell Omega and Marduk, track after track is a violent, chaotic piece of music but with lots of melody sandwiched in between. Tracks like "Umro" and the following track are just direct, furious assualts of buzzsaw riffs and tremolo pickings while the drums switch between pedals and cymbals. The vocals are the most interesting thing as they are twisted into a snarl so deep they're just as terrifying as the sounds of Benighted In Sodom, except there is no room for ambient beauty with Stone... only blasphemy. As the album progresses though, the melodic parts start to sound more present. "Krvav..." starts out slow and doom metal like with lengthy chords and then picks up for a more black rock n' roll style akin to Darkthrone. Both sides are contrasting, but a great mix and a sure thing that 'Umro' won't be boring for the next half.

From this point the guitars take on a more melodic, if not repetitive tone, focusing more on performing even paced, catchy riffs that every once in a while break for some faster ones but even those are melodically sound, such as with "Prst Na..." It is the track "... U Smrti" that really will draw listener attention because it is so quiet, ambient and beautiful. There's some piano in there amongst the soft tapping of random percussion and synth in the background before the church choirs kick in, and it feels like a full blown symphony... at least until the muddled screaming and begging comes in which makes it a full blown nightmare. It's a random track, but a nice touch. "Kralj..." closes the album with some 'more of the same' with a mix of groove rock and harsh black metal from the earlier half of the album, but there are a few moments of twisted guitar melody that mark for a progressive moment to help it stand out from the other tracks; the dark, foreboding atmosphere of the instrument tones are another. Ultimately, this is strong black metal though, taking bits from some of the more experimental artists while stitching it together for a more raw, straightforward black metal opus that anyone can sink their ears into.

  1. Umro
  2. Zlo Je Uvek Korak Ispred
  3. Krvav Ceo, Nigde Nijedne Rane
  4. Prst Na Obaraču
  5. Jesti Srca Ljudi
  6. Sam Krenuo Smrt Svoju Da Nađe
  7. ...U Smrti
  8. Kralj Je Umro

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 2, 2011
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