The Traceelords - Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll

The debut album from the German party band The Traceelords. The girl on the cover is def not the real Tracy but it is all about sex. On this CD you will hear 13 songs in heavy rock'n'roll way. Heavy ones like the opening song, F**cking grow up. Slowers with See you when I see you and My kinda girl. Including two great covers, one from Boney-M (!!) and the Born to be alive song. They are the most surprising on the album. I like the guitar leads on this album but I am not very fond of the vocals. Think they are more convincing on stage than on CD. Even are a good band to play in your garden when you having a bbq.

1. Sex, Money, Rock 'n' Roll!
2. Fuckin Grow Up
3. Feel Like Charlie Brown
4. See You When I See You
5. Daddy Cool
6. Start It With A Kiss Stop It With A Gun
7. You're My Baby
8. Bad News Mum
9. My Kinda Girl
10. She's 24
11. All I Really Need
12. Lucky Bastard Land
13. Born To Be Alive
Massacre Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 20, 2001

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