The True Werwolf - Devil Crisis

Finish black metal band, The True Werwolf, on Werewolf Records has released a new album - "Devil Crisis".

The opening of The True Werwolf's "Devil Crisis" features a slide of sound along the neck of the guitar - something I associate with a specific style of technically playful guitarists. This sound shows up a few times in this opening track, 'My Journeys Under The Battlemoon'. To be honest, it is not a bad thing - but is certainly not something I connect to black metal style bands. It got my attention.

The vocals on the other hand, are classic black metal with a layer of echo I really like. But the layering the guitars is very low in the mix - super unique. I like it as a change of style - especially against the 'traditional' black metal style vocals. But the keyboards are emphasized in such a way that the tone itself changes a lot. It sounds almost like complex horror movie music that raw black metal. Maybe blackened horror atmosphere sound. This dissonance between the vocals and the music is almost a split between music for popular consumption and those folks who may traditionally stand at the edge of the scene. This tone and style is best recognized in the fifth track, '0373' in which the guitars sound more like blackened rock than metal while the verses definitely seem more positive than one would normally think.

Over all, this album evokes classic black metal but is also a stand-alone effort for sure - a feature that probably will get varied responses. I like it because it is clearly a fun album that comes out of a very personal place.


1. My Journey's Under The Battlemoon
2. Thy Deviant
3. Spellbound
4. Chi No Namida
5. 0373
6. The Witch Of My Heart
7. Magick Fire