The Wounded - Monument

The intro is a real calm downer. Than the 67 miutes you hear songs that they call Gothic Wave. This album follows their debut and shows a lot of progression in songwriting, playing and production. Melodies like The Cure, melancholic parts like Katatonia and touches of Pink Floyd, Anathema and Paradise Lost. Not really an album that makes you crazy or rushes your adrealine but more an album to read the lyrics and feel what is real life in the Wounded way.

1. Dawn
2. Garland
3. The Real
4. Grace, Murder, Divine
5. Billet Doux
6. Chaos Spectacle
7. Red
8. Black Heart
9. Dark Moon Generation
10. Child
11. A Dance With The Insane
12. Monument
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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