Thornafire - Vorex Deconstruccion

Thornafire born in 1998 in Chile with the unique idea of playing Death Metal and now that we're listening their second album on Ibex Moon Records we have to say that we're no more in front of one of the most promising South American acts, but in front of a nice reality. "Vorex Deconstruccion" is not the "classic" death metal album you should think about: it's on the contrary an example of an evolved hybrid. The act has captured the spirit of the South American death metal style, inspired by Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Pentagram or Masacre (...from Colombia) but at the same time has worked on it, blending black metal feelings, few soft keyboards and a mystic touch that gives to "Vorex Deconstruccion" an unique evocative side. And without losing anything in terms of violence and death metal attitude. The whole album is extremely well composed and played, completely sung in their mother tongue: the guitar work is various and always interesting, the bass guitar is finally a real protagonist and not only a supporting actor, the drumming is intelligently not focused on the speed races that many people love today but on something of more important like the composition. "Vorex Deconstruccion" is a perfect example of evocative "progressive" death metal: a great album!

1. Hacia La Ruina Del Agartha
2. Sucubacion
3. Deconstruccion
4. Otredad
5. Confesion
6. En El Eon De Las Falacias
7. Por El Delirio
8. Conflagracoin Del Monoteismo
9. De La Destruccion Al Trono

Ibex Moon Records
Reviewer: Jacopo
Jan 17, 2010

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