Those Who Bring The Torture - Lullabies For The Deranged

Brutal death metal clearly isn't brutal enough until the album artwork is to its most extreme content. Those Who Bring The Torture might not have the most sickening artwork ever in death metal history but the thought of actually having some alien worms eating your intestines and popping out of your own mouth is actually pretty nasty. Although i have seen worse, it's certainly not a bad attempt at all. 'Lullabies For The Deranged' is as heavy as you most probably imagined it to be. You have the grunted vocals powered by a majestic array of power-ish metal riffs, it could nearly be described as Dragonforce gone absolute death metal in a world gone bonkers.

The tactical guitar approach to the band informs the listeners that this is clearly something beyond just your average underground metal band, as not only does the powerful riffs keep you entertained but the drumming is absolutely mental throughout the majority of the album as well. Although it's the vocals that top it off for, i just have this menacing admiration for vocals that do not sound as if they were spewed from the human tongue, and on this album, although the vocals are not completely silly and gurgled, there is still very little to be understood which is just my cup of tea.

It's not until over halfway through the record until the favourable tracks are located, that being 'The Creature In The Woods', and 'The Thing In The Lake' - which boast more than others with a near black metal atmospheric sound, creating vivid diversity. To add to the favourites, and the diversity is the final track 'Love Machine'. Which if you haven't picked up on is in fact a cover by the almighty WASP. 'Love Machine' is what really makes the entire record snatch itself a decent review for me. The track finishes the album with a bit of fun, in the sense that Those Who Bring The Torture just want to have a good time whilst coming up with brilliant death metal. If i had to clarify what exactly a lullaby for a deranged person would be, I would point a finger straight to this album knowing that this was destined for people looking for that answer, heck...I'm pretty sure I'm one of them!



  1. The Nightflier
  2. The City Where Death Dwells
  3. The Hessian
  4. The Man The Myth The Razor
  5. A Lullabye For The Deranged
  6. The Screams Come From The Basement
  7. The Intruder
  8. The Creature In The Woods
  9. The Hermit
  10. The Thing In The Lake
  11. Love Machine (cover WASP)

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 28, 2012

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