Thou Art Lord - DV8

This band is a project band from members of Greek extreme bands. The music is mixture of death and black with a great Satanic image. Don't expect some high technical features but just straight forward. The guitars are doing heavy, melodic riffs and even some leads. Drums are exploding with the primitive vocals spreading the diabolic message. Nice artwork and the great textline why the drummer is not in the booklet with his picture! Great album.

1. A chaldean hex
2. Baphomets meteor
3. Crowning the winged skull
4. Society of the dilettanti
5. Desire, lust and incubus
6. Eyes wide shut and lips wide open
7. The shadow doctrine
8. Behind the druid walls
9. Those we guide

Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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