Thou Shell Of Death - Sepulchral Silence

This is a truly unique and wonderous album. It's unusual and is quite hard to explain but then again that's a good sign when the only way one can really appriciate an album is to listen to it and it's a challenge to put into words how a band sounds but here we go....

"Sepulchral Silence" is foremost a black metal album lets not cross wires but it has so many different ingredients. There's alot of synthesisors and different sounds going onĀ it's quite slow and probably has as much in common with doom as it does black metal if you wanted to split hairs. It has 5 tracks but all are the best part of if not more then 10 minutes.

Opening track 'The Night Wind' is this beauifully dark track that brings to mind a snowy landscape at night, it's peaceful but there's an element of danger and a fear of the unknown lurking in the background. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. Imagine if Sigor Ros were black metal and your nearly there! It even brings to mind the mid period of Bathory.

The only off putting thing about the whole thing is the vocalist Ingwar has a tendency to go up at the end of a lyric and it sounds somewhere between a weak wolf howl and an owl it's actually quite comical when you first hear and throws the atmosphere off somewhat but once your used to it it's fine. It doesn't stop me liking the songs and wanting me to listen to the album again.

It's not for everyone but those who will like this will love it. It's a rich, dark, intriguing little album that's well worth a try if your into doom or black metal.

1. The Night Wind
2. The Vivien Eyes
3. The Wind Of Winter
4. The Wood Water
5. Rose Leaves When The Rose Is Dead