Thrashera - Não Gosto!

Straight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thrashera are sure to deliver what their name promises! Pure old school thrash metal! Brazil is definitely a country with a huge production in every underground metal subgenre and has given the world bands that wrote history in speed/thrash/deathrash like Dorsal Atlântica, Taurus, Korzus, Armagedom and Sextrash to name but a few.

"Não Gosto!" CD looks very promising judging from the cover where demons assisted by naked women tear down the statue of Christ in an apocalyptic field of flames, mystery and dust. I like the old school way the cover is drawn and painted.

This estimation that this album is an underground thrash attach wasn't wrong. The opening track is a dark intro with recitations which come out in a nice way. They will calm you down and create the right weird, occult and apocalyptic atmosphere just before the storm begins! Thrashera offer a frenzied old school speed/thrash attack with fantasy and riffs mixed with old heavy metal and speed metal in an excellent crossover that pays tribute to the early underground.

Thrashera were formed in 2010 and "Não Gosto!" is their 3rd full length after "For All Drunks 'n' Bitches" (2014) and "Morte Webbanger" (2018). The band exists a decade already and although remaining fanatically into the depths of the underground, they are a perfect example of the jewels the underground movement can still give up to this very day.

The production is slightly compressed, but still massive, punchy and aggressive enough, keeping the underground spirit in the whole album. Helldprod Records did an excellent job releasing the album in a beautiful jewel case CD with a 12 page booklet including lyrics and photos. The album is issued on just 300 copies and is distributed by Murder Records.

The guitars in "Não Gosto!" take the best ingredients out of the golden 80's thrash metal era and treat them with the utmost respect making them sound fresh and interesting in the present! Heavy metal Judas Priest influenced riffs do appear in songs like "Sangue ao Metal", which is logical given that Judas Priest is one of the bands that actually shaped thrash metal. The melodic lines of the song bring in the quality of the classic heavy metal to Thrashera music. Chakal's chaotic vocals underline the band's passion to deliver purity at an age where purity is almost lost.

'Maré 669' acoustic intro is an old Annihilator influenced beautiful piece. The pounding drums that follow and the memorable riffs, accompanied with the gurgling black/thrash or better said Black 'n Roll (as a band's demo from 2012 is entitled) vocals of the band's lead singer Chakal cannot go wrong. This is an epic, satanic and majestic speed/thrash anthem perfromed nicely the old fuckin' school way. The riffs are a pure holocaust for the ears and the drum fills guarantee they won't leave you a moment to breathe. The lead is beautifully divided in 2 parts: the craziest tremolo part and the melodic part. Everything works in praise of the old school attitude. Motorhead (also responsible for the birth of thrash metal) watch from their throne!

'Metal!' is one of my favorite songs of the album. Another anthemic song for all old school maniacs. There is a great tension in the way the riffs are performed here and they are delivered in a solid way with a crust/thrash crazy vibe. The vocals sound as if coming from hell. The whole song could be described as black/thrash from hell! The hardcore/punk backing vocals make you wanna mosh. The lead is amazing (as pretty much every lead in the album) and it would surely get people into the pit. I can imagine the circle of metalheads with a drink in their hands moshing to the song and this really makes me nostalgic reminding me of how I miss the pre-pandemic days! So fuckin' good speed/thrash!

It seems like Thrashera kept the best of their material for the closing of the album. After an occult intro, 'Correntes Não Prendem Serpentes' begins with a deeply Iron Maiden influenced thrash riff. The "ugh" vocal apart from a Hellhammer trademark is the ultimate sign to fuck shit up! It was always meant to be this way! The vibe of the song is great and you will listen here to old heavy metal greatly mixed with thrash in the right doses. It's damn cool to see new bands turn back to traditional heavy metal for influence. The material sounds at parts occult in a 70's way and that is really highly effective.

The closing song 'Igreja' is a very nice and unexpected cover of the Brazilian Post Punk / New Wave band Titãs out of their "Cabeça Dinossauro" 1986 album. A very interesting cover and a proof Thrashera are open minded in their choices. I would suggest you after listening to the song, to go search and listen to the original, too. Thrashera did a great job!

"Não Gosto!" was released only few months ago in spring 2020 and it is a great underground thrash metal release, definitely worth to check out and support. It is an original album and this is what matters the most. It encorporates all things thrash metal is about; it is "good, friendly, violent, fun", as Exodus said with their classic 1991 live album! Thrashera don't forget that thrash metal is about unity and having fun with friends. I would add that "Não Gosto!" is in a nice way offensive, as a thrash record should be. It reminds to all of us who lived in the 80's that thrash is not polished music and it has a great underground. It also reminds us that the whole underground is still alive and well! "Não Gosto!" is a perfect thrash headbanger! As the title of one of their own songs explains, Thrashera are "Trapped in the 80’s", and we love it! "Não Gosto!" will leave all of you underground speed/thrash maniacs satisfied. In fact, it will leave you eager for more! We need more releases like this. Props to HelldProd for supporting the true underground!

4.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro Víbora Resistente / Não Gosto!
2. Maré 669
3. Rei Dos Excessos
4. Sangue Ao Metal
5. Trapped In The 80’S (Hard Version)
6. Metal!
7. Correntes Não Prendem Serpentes
8. Igreja (cover Titãs)