Thraw - Injecting Hate

With the rebirth of thrash there are many bands putting out thrash albums these days.  Slovenian Thraw is not an exception to the movement. They have put together a fair thrash demo called Injecting Hate. They are definitely influenced by the 80's thrash sound. In fact, the vocals remind me a bit of Anthrax... a rough Anthrax, but Anthrax nonetheless. This four song demo has some experimental sounds on it, however, overall that fast thrashy sound you're familiar with is there. This isn't the best thrash that's come out recently but these guys do have the basics down and with some refinement of the vocals, practice, and  fresh ideas these guys can only get better.  Take a listen if you're a thrash fan.

Aleksander Smode - Vocals
Domen Hudrap - Guitar
Ozbej Paternus - Guitar
Rok Vrckovnik - Bass
Bojan Beber-Vovk - Drums


1. Injecting Hate
2. Angeleater
3. Induced Adrenaline
4. Alcocirque

Self released
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Dec 18, 2009
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