Thraz - Roll Of Dice

Thraz is a 2-piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece (although the drummer George Baltas actually comes from Samos). Both George and David Mano have numerous projects/bands. George (among other bands) is playing in Dimorfia and Emerald Sun, while David is the guitar player of the Heavy/Power Metal legends Sarissa and the black metal band Marcia Funebre. Jimmy Selalmazidis of Sarissa co-produced (with David Mano), mixed and mastered the album, plays the bass in 3 songs ('Deceive', 'Bite Me' and 'Hold Your Cards') and performs backing vocals and sound FX giving an additional boost to the release!

As the name of the band implies, Thraz is a thrash metal band. Nevertheless, they add in some very nice heavy metal influences. David handles the guitar and bass duties and is the main vocalist and composer of the band. George is responsible for the drums and adds some backing vocals.

"Roll Of Dice" (what a Motörhead tribute title!) is their debut full length album. Thraz balance their heavy and thrash metal influences really well blending harmonies and heaviness throughout the whole album. The band seems to be fond of the 80's and 90's hard rock/metal and they don't hesitate to express their love for hard rock. They even experiment using Bouzouki on 'Nothing From You'! However, they remain a thrash metal band all the way.

The band's approach in thrash metal is a blend of the European and American thrash metal scenes. Consequently, their music has many aggressive parts, but at the same time they keep their melodic approach in high priority. In my opinion the American scene wins this battle!

Thraz perfectly mix Overkill, Megadeth of the first albums and Exodus, while the German scene always blinks an eye to their heavier themes. The backing vocals have an innocent early thrash aura, but the music overall is delivered with a modern approach. Nevertheless, the biggest influence of the album is Overkill and the mighty Blitz can be satisfied with the result!

Standout tracks should be 'Bite Me' with its massive drumming and flowing energy, 'Nothing From You' with its great guitar work, the homonymous 'Roll Of Dice' and 'Deceive' which throws in a lot of heavy metal influences.

The last song of the album is the instrumental 'Changing Eras' which will for sure take you back to the 90's when everything in thrash metal was fresh and innocent. The album is out on CD from Alcyone Records, a very supportive and promising Greek label. The first copies come with a hand-signed guitar pick.

Although Thraz is a new band, they are experienced musicians, they just do what they want, they do it very nicely and they have more to say. "Roll Of Dice" is an excellent example of what's to come.


1. Arrival - Braindead
2. Nothing From You
3. Roll Of Dice
4. Deceive
5. Feeding Hand
6. Get A Job
7. Bite Me
8. Hold Your Cards
9. Failure (To Communicate)
10. Changing Eras