Three Hour Ceasefire - Cry Havok

On first track 'Time Of The Empty Throne', which appeals more as an intro than an actual full song, we are embraced with upon a gutfull of dark, distorted riffs - chucked in with vomiting gurgled wretched screams. Imagine Nachtmystium meets Anaal Nathrakh if you will and you'll have a similar, profound melody. Second track in however sets the tone apart from this intro, diving deep into death metal categories, and at times even provokes grindcore and thrash elements. Instrumentally, this is darker than the night - nearly embracing an almost black-ish metal genre, but the vocals are the key to keeping this into the death metal system.

As 'Trial Of Wounds', and 'When Prophecy Fails' erupt from my speakers, the genre tends to evolve as the progression throughout the album binds. By this I mean there's more to just death metal and thrash than meets the eye, you'll hear more melody, catchy hooks, even some defined creativity of hardcore; unleashing an ultimate delivery for people looking out for that tender relationship with diversity. 'Trench Knife' reels back to the grindcore feel the album gave us in its earlier stages, leaving final track 'Fall Under Foot' to fall under a resembling genre of the middle of the album's tracks, plus there's some really sweet sounding guitar tones and riffs here that I believe deserve a mention.

Three Hour Ceasefire are not really the type of band that is easily located throughout your daily lifestyle, without given recommendations that is. However, it would appear the complex, diverse instrument abuse given it is somewhat refreshing from your usual noisey-core raging metal band. I would recommend a track from Three Hour Ceasefire's album to be used as an early morning alarm from your mobile, as this will certainly wake you the fuck up.


  1. Time Of The Empty Throne
  2. Behold, Rejoice
  3. Trial Of Wounds
  4. When Prophecy Fails
  5. Trench Knife
  6. Fall Under Foot