Threnody - Control

Threnody is Dutch band that already exist since 1988! Started as a death metal band they evolved to a groovy and tight metal band. The vocalstyle is clean and singable nowadays and they banned the grunting (but I would like to hear some grunts). The drums are powerful done by Ernst van Ee (from the Dutch band Highway Chile) and metal riffing with good leads. Tempo of the songs is in up tempo with several breaks to change melody (like nicely done in "Lines I Write"). And sometimes you even hear some instrumental freaking. Maybe this disc is not worldshocking or inventing new sounds but this album is showing controlled power. Go to the site and hear from every sound a soundclip!

1. I Stand Alone
2. Drained
3. Play
4. Perfect Days
5. Creeping
6. Lines I Write
7. Control
8. Defined By Action
9. Lost
10. One Chance
11. Angel
12. Hell bent For Leather (cover Judas Priest)
13. Black Day

Redrum Recordz
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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