Thromdarr - Electric Hellfire

For a while it seemed like Thromdarr had disappeared forever; the last time they put out an album was back in 2000. They've had a couple demos in between, but after their debut it looked like the band was done. Recently though, they've resurfaced with a sophomore album to continue their black metal legacy of paganized heavy metal. Oddly enough, it feels more like death metal at the time. Tracks like "Electric Hellfire" are littered with tremolo picking and blasphemous lines that make the music sound like black metal- no repetitive chugs or blastbeats there. However, it is the vocals that may throw listeners off. They're low snarls, almost growls, which sound more like a lighter version of Amon Amarth. In fact, one can really feel some Amon Amarth melodic death/ viking metal within this album itself, especially when it comes to a track like "For All Those Who Dig My Grave." The chugs, the melody, and even the vocal tone which is certainly a growl here, seems all too familiar. It's not a bad thing; just gives something to compare the band to.

There are a few standout tracks though that give Thromdarr their own sound since their long departure. "Oasis Of Desperation" replaces the electrified guitar chugs with piano and almost a gothic doom metal style that is moving and depressing as it thunders along. On the other hand... the formula is pretty basic as through eighty percent of the song it's just piano plinks over the same guitar notes again and again. Still, it will probably be one of the album highlights due to such a variation from everything else while still retaining a dark tone and lots of melody. "Warrior Soul" goes more for melodic death/ viking metal and features some great low, droning choirs in the background amongst the main vocals, which is a fantastic element that should have been used a lot more. Finally there is "Heart Of Darkness" which merges death with doom metal, particularly in the long, drenched reverb chords that sometimes will pick up for a heavier, faster chug. The vocals switch between a rough clean cry along with the deeper growl, which also adds to variation.

As a result, fans may wonder just where Thromdarr is going. It's black metal then death metal then doom and then viking... often all merged into one. It can be either very open ended and accessible/ appeasing or rediculously confusing. However, at least it is good to hear these guys are back and at least they're trying to go for a diverse sound, even if it sounds too mixed up at times. Hopefully they'll keep this trend while solidifying a base of music so fans can at least know what to expect and still enjoy variation at the same time.

  1. Electric Hellfire
  2. Burn For The Eternity
  3. Into The Night
  4. Overture Of Destruction
  5. Parade
  6. Farewell Dear Nothing
  7. Oasis Of Desperation
  8. For All Those Who Dig My Grave
  9. Warrior Soul
  10. Heart Of Darkness

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 2, 2011
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