Thronar - For Death And Glory

In daily life I am a peaceful 2-kids father who works, helps in householding and cooks. But after hearing this debut I am in doubt. I can't recall exactly what happened but saw the damage in my room and frighting eyes of my family. When hearing this battle metal its indoctrinating with whipping up beats and condemning voices. This is some good stuff; barbaric, melodic, bombastic are a few indications. But the best thing is to get it yourself. Swords and axes up!!

1. To kill and be king
2. Gift from the gods
3. The hunt for vengeance
4. Crimnor valora
5. Dainar’s last rites
6. For death and glory
7. Screams of thunder
8. Where sword, axe and bow strike together
9. The butcher’s bill

Seven Kingdoms
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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