Thronar - Unleash The Fire

The last sign of Dutch Thronar was three years ago when they released "For Death And Glory" on Kingdom Seven Records. Here in 2008 they release a new battle on Twilight named "Unleash The Fire" and containing 9 tracks including an intro which sets the preparation for the battle.

This battle consists of up tempo metal with lots keyboards, which could have been less as it makes it weaker. Sometimes you here some medieval instruments that fits the songs. The vocals are divided in a growling one and a raw singing one. The chorusses are easy to sing along with and they want you to join it.

This newest album of Thronar just continues where the previous stopped. But all doesn't sound too powerful and I think that the keyboards are the problem. With more guitar it would be more aggressive and that is needed when you prepare the fight.

1. Prelude To War
2. Shield To Shield
3. To Ride, Kill And Harvest
4. King Of The Eburones
5. Hanibal Ad Portas
6. The Old Condemned Immortal
7. Eating The Enemy
8. Thronar
9. Final War (Unleash The Fire)

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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