Throne Of Flesh - Dogma

Don't be confused with the Danish death metal band of the same name that featured ex-members of Ravishing and did a demo entitled "Rituals Of Ancient Death" in 2006. Throne Of Flesh is a newly formed Italian old school death metal band. They were formed during summer 2018 by Flavio Tempesta (guitars), Giuseppe Tato Tatangelo (bass) and Joseph Di Porto (vocals). They credit P.C. as a session drummer.

In their first demo entitled "Dogma", the band recorded 4 tracks of old school death metal influenced by classic death metal bands like (early) Morbid Angel, Deicide, Entombed, Autopsy, Death, Gorefest and Asphyx. Their influences may vary but still they are kept to early-mid 90's death metal frenzy. The band's vocalist Joseph Di Porto is well known in the goregrind/grindcore/noise scene from his other band Bestial Vomit, one of the most well known and still active bands in these genres from Italy.

Few years ago Joseph moved to Peru for personal reasons, but his unmatched love and devotion for music kept him active despite all difficulties. In "Dogma" although he uses some grind passages that will remind the listener of Bestial Vomit days (I was lucky to see them live in July 2010 at Polytechneio, Athens, Greece along with Archagathus), his basic vocals are death metal low to mid grunts. Teamed up with 2 very good musicians in guitar and bass, they release here a very promising demo. The guitar riffing, be it fast or mid tempo, is absolutely sick and intense throughout the release. The bass sounds thick enough and has a nice tone. The red colored cover artwork with skeletal figures (possibly Charon) prepares the listener for what's to come.

But let's take the demo track by track and check out the band's own liner notes.

Track 1 - '24 Obnoxious Reeks Of Holiness'
The song theme is about the only 24 Buddhist monks who found their path to approach illumination with a process of self-mummification called "sokoshinbutsu". Many of them have tried with negative outcome. Not revealed religions are enslaving lives of billions with a promise of a better future life. The song starts with a fade-in guitar that soon turns to a groovy/crunchy riff. The guitar tone is mid-high and makes a perfect antithesis with the low end vocals. There is a dark atmosphere in the song, but still the punk influenced riffs as we learned them from Autopsy and the old Finnish Death Metal scene are ever present. Some vocals are almost grind. After the 3rd minute, a rolling guitar riff over a doom bass/drum pattern gives a classic touch to the song.

Track 2 - 'Throne Of Mendacious Heritage'
Monotheistic religions are infecting lands and mankind for too long. They told us they are worshipping the same idol but the practice is totally different. Just take a look where these middle-Eastern lies were born: martyred territories where blood is flowing in the names of Allah, Yahweh and Jesus. Fast groove. The vocals have a devilish aura. The lead guitar is followed by a catchy melodic guitar line. The open chords accompanied with nice bass fills soon turn to another groovy theme. The second lead has a different tone/effect and the song ends up with a nice variety in songwriting terms.

Track 3 - 'Inverted'
How many Satanists know they worship inverted cross, but actually they are worshipping Saint Peter's Cross? A submission to the Devil, to an external supernatural force is trying to find answers you already have. This attitude closely reminds their much detested enemy. Two sides of the same useless coin. The songs begins with reversed words. The tempo this time is faster. There is an evil aura enhanced from the hammer on-pull offs of the riff. The Slayer-ish solo fits perfect.

Track 4 - 'Tracheotomized By Ants'
Bolivia 2017 E.V. - A woman accused of stealing is tied to a tree and covered with honey. Their torturers are waiting for poisonous ants to bite her throat. This episode is not uncommon among the supporters of rural justice, paganism and neo-paganism profess idolatry for spirits, nature, animals and plants but often they forget to respect human life. Another fast song to close the demo. The riff is technical and the melodic lines are catchy. The vocal variety reveals the stress of the victim while being poisoned alive. There is a rather sadistic feel all over the song. In the middle part there are some frightening whispers that will continue till the end making it even more horrifying.

"Dogma" was recorded and mixed by Flavio and mastered by Joseph. Music was written by Flavio, but the arrangements were done by Throne Of Flesh. Lyrics and concept belong to Joseph.

To sum up, this demo is a very promising release. Throne Of Flesh pay well tribute to their influences which are assimilated by them but actively present in their sound. The band's concept and lyrical approach is very interesting and while being familiar to a death metal fan, it also deals with social issues. This demo comes from death metal lovers and is adressed to death metal lovers, but I think all extreme metal fans will like it! I hope we soon get this one in a physical format. For the moment you can download it for free in their Bandcamp (

I wish the band will continue making great music as they definitely have more to offer and with a better recording/production they can make it to a top class release!


1. 24 Obnoxious Reeks Of Holiness
2. Throne Of Mendacious Heritage
3. Inverted
4. Tracheotomized By Ants

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Jun 30, 2019

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