Throne Of Sacrilege/Impurium - Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction

Out on Orchestrated Misery Recordings is the split cd of Throne of Sacrilege and Impurium.  The first 3 tracks are from Throne of Sacrilege and are fairly devastating to say the least. There is really nothing new or innovative here, just straight forward thrashing death metal with a very noticeable black metal influence thrown in to take these tracks over the top. Imagine Krisiun and Dissection with lovingly placed elements of bands such as Coroner, God Dethroned, and newer Grave and you have the basic idea what the band is trying to do with their half of this split. Even though, as I mentioned, there is nothing new or innovative, this is one of those bands that really doesn’t need to include any of that in the creation of their music. Throne of Sacrilege is one of those bands who’s members talents are rooted in keeping things true to form and can rely on their playing ability and sheer brutality to build their following and maintain a decent fan base. I wouldn’t necessarily say that anything on this have of the split is butchered and re-hashed from the bands influences and vibes, from what I can tell they like to keep things simple in their approach and delivery as they roll right over everything in their path.

Impurium show a fair amount of talent on their 3 tracks as well. However, at least to me, Impurium are a little more primitive in their sound than Throne of Sacrilege. This really doesn’t make them any better or any worse. All I am saying is that of these 2 bands Throne of Sacrilege sounds like it is the more technical. I would say that this is do to the way the tracks are constructed as well as the production and mixing of the 2 bands. Impurium’s approach to their material here is cold, devastating, and reminds of the feeling I got when I heard Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” for the first time. Mind you, I am not saying these tracks have that vibe as far as influence goes, but it’s just that “primal” feeling and edge of the 2 releases that I am comparing. I haven’t said this a lot lately, but I bet this band would be an absolute monster in a live setting.

Having these 2 particular bands release a split together, was a great way for Orchestrated Misery Recordings to compare the sounds and vibes of bands who play the same type of metal. Throne of Sacrilege: the technically precise band, and Impurium: the more primitive and abrasive band. The end result is a split that, by all accounts, proves that it’s not always necessary to include unnecessary elements into their music to make it acceptable to the mainstream. Sometimes, all you need to do is get behind your instruments and play your hearts out. That is what these 2 bands do in absolutely simplistic fashion and their passion for this genre is evident and displayed in excellent form in these 6 tracks.

  1. Sacrilegious Impalement
  2. Upon Cloven Hooves
  3. As the Black Wind Howls
  4. Again We Freeze
  5. 'til Midgard
  6. Ad Secular Impurium