Throneum - Deathcult Conspiracy

An example of old school Death Metal the way it should be done! "Deathcult Conspiracy" doesn't present us with a new form of Death Metal, but rather a nostalgia of the early-mid 90's Death Metal, which they accomplish much better than most bands who attempt this reminiscence. Throneum released their first album in 1996 under the name Throne, it wasn't until 1998 that the name was changed to Throneum.

The album starts off with a track entitled "Abyss Of The Underground", it begins with progressive riffing a la Atheist. At 0:55 we hear the first snarl Thomasz The Great Executor, which is one of the most bestial snarls anyone will hear. There are a few Black Metal parts scattered throughout the album, however they are hardly enough to consider "Deathcult Conspiracy" a Blackened Death album.

From the opening riff of "Abyss Of The Underground" to the closing riff in "Stone Faces Of The Ungods", this two-man Polish wrecking crew take a sledgehammer and smash through the mediocrity which runs so rampantly throughout the "revivalist scene". This album is relentless, raw and brutal in an old school fashion. For the most part this is simple Death Metal, however, the technicality is present in a few parts, but it is always to compliment the song and never for pompous showmanship. If you're a fan of the old school sound then I would consider this album a must-have!

  1. Abyss Of The Underground
  2. Fatal Resurrection 
  3. Bloody Sacrifice
  4. Rituals Of Fire And Sulphur
  5. The Devil's Oath
  6. His Shadow
  7. Wizzard's Testimony
  8. Necroworld Storms
  9. Stone Faces Of Ungods

Pagan Records
Reviewer: Kong
Feb 1, 2010

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