Throneum - Decade Of Necrostuprumical Madness

Ten years are passed when this Polish death thrash band founded their roots. And after countless of releases in form or cassette, vinyl, CD or as split, Deathgasm Records is releasing this compilation album. An overview of released songs, covers and hard to find material. If you don't know the band you might know their influences like Asphyx, Possessed, Necrovore, Terrorizer or Merciless. And if you don't know them too this album is nothing for you. But if you know them you know you can hear fast tracks, raw and aggressive vocals, raging guitars and the thrashy drums. Also cool to hear are the covers. But the whole album is good to hear as it is one block of thrashing madness! The disc comes as a digi with poster.

1. Let Them Arise With Your Death
2. Decease
3. Molested
4. Madness Destroys
5. Bestial Hordes Of Darkness
6. Intro
7. All Fucking Blood Shed
8 .Connected With Emptiness
9 .Scream From Hell
10. Ready To Fuck (cover Sarcofago)
11. Worship Death
12. Reborn To Stars
13. Zombie Attack (cover Tankard)
14. Deathrider (cover Anthrax)
15. Infernal Waves
16. Waiting For Perdition
17. Stench Of Putrafaction
18. Profanation (cover Incantation)
19. Dead Crosses
20. Ridden With Desease (cover Autopsy)
21. Divus De Mortuus (cover Necrovore)
22. Orders Of Doom
23. Bloody Parchement Persist

Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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