Throneum / Revelation Of Doom - Total Regression!

Now here is a split that has a correct album name, Total Regression! Why? Simple. The two bands play aggressive and filthy blackened death metal like the bands they cover. Each band is doing two own tracks and they are an extension from bands like Hellhammer, Sodom and Destruction. Raw vocals and heavy riffing guitars in mid and up tempo changing tunes. The bands are sounding primitive but play their songs in a catchy way. This split has two sides. The first one is that they only play two own songs as their material is interesting enough for more own writings. And the second one it is always nice to hear bands do their own interpertation of their favorit songs.

1. Exhibition Of Abomination
2. Full Enlightenment
3. Tormentor (cover Destruction)
4. We Are Satan's generation (cover Impaled Nazarene)
5. Excute Them All (cover Unleashed)
6. Darkness (cover Morgoth)

Revelation Of Doom
7. Sodomizing The Trinity
8. Holy Grail, Holy Flesh
9. The Third Of The Storms (cover Hellhammer)
10. Need To Live (cover Terrorizer)
11. Witching Metal (cover Sodom)
12. Unholy Existence (cover Pandemonium)
13. Gods Of War (cover Blasphemy)

Pagan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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