Throneum - The Unholy Ones

Untainted, unforgiving, and positivley "I Dont Give A Fuck" Death Metal. I love it. Everytime I turn around, theres another band, that takes me back to my blissfull youth. Before I was enslaved to paying bills, work, and the refrigerator! Throneum is for fans of, in my opinion..very underatted bands!! Bands like Asphyx, Coronor, Bestial Warlust, Celtic Frost, and Possessed. There is no polish in there sound, there are not theatrics in there looks. Just Metal!!

1. Summoning The Master
2. Flamamble Doom
3. The Unholy Ones
4. Oppose The Usurpers
5. Baptism
6. In The Sign Of The Witch
7. On The Wings Of Hell

Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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