Through The Silence - Debt Of Words

It's great to finally see a metalcore band that actually label themselves with the genre itself. No longer should metalcore be a shamed name in the metal community, especially with titan-like bands leading the charge such as Killswitch Engange, Trivium, and dare I say it - Asking Alexandria. Say what you want about genres, and bands that are somehow hooked into the tags that come with them, but there's no doubt about it that metalcore is rising, and there shouldn't be a problem with that.

Through The Silence sound like old metalcore. Early In Flames, Caliban, and Unearth. They aren't your usual breakdown-obsessed band and they focus more on the melody of their tracks;  re-incarnating these early bands even to the extent of early Bullet For My Valentine and As I Lay Dying. These big names in the scene are most likely influences to the band, as there are all tiny extracts of them located throughout the EP.

The EP itself, titled 'Debt of Words' is a whirlwind of guitars mixed in with a beautiful display between clean-sung melodic choruses, and severing screams - often heavier than a bag of potatoes. Tracks like 'Salvation' and 'Golden Compass' stand-out for me, perhaps due to the initiation of both songs; They seem to get right into the thick of it all - no rest, just pure relentless energy whipped into the magic of song. That's what metalcore is all about for me, and Through The Silence manage this with intelligence, structure and focus.

  1. Unspoken
  2. Salvation
  3. Dawn Of Sorrow
  4. Fallen
  5. Golden Compass
  6. Odium

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 8, 2014

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