Through The Struggle - Absolute Nothing

'Absolute Nothing' is the 2013 five-tracked EP by Netherlands metalcore brutes, Through The Struggle. The songs at hand are consistent in surpassing their hardcore boundaries, at times representing their influences such as Stick To Your Guns, Parkway Drive, and August Burns Red, all of which are easily noticeable throughout this release.

Starting track 'Brimstone' isn't as impressive as some of its following songs, but sets the genre at hand in the ears of its listener. That is until 'Old Hearts' blares out; Thundering riffs at top-notch production, created to brutally retaliate against everything else in the metal industry, and it does just that. The vocals embrace more of shouting, than actual screams, adjusting Through The Struggle's initial genre into a more hardcore shamble of events, although the contrast between both is perfect.

'Death Drinker' continues this path of destruction, eventually leading into a more melodic atmosphere, engulfing their peer's influence, especially igniting recognition from British hardcore mobs Azriel, and Heart In Hand. Choruses are belted through epic battle-like riffs, followed by monstrous breakdowns, capable of capturing the attention from any core fan out there.

Through The Struggle have the knowledge to what modern metal/hardcore thrives upon, but there is something missing on this record - perhaps something to boost the band's variety, despite the EP already being highly entertaining and attention grabbing. A future release will decide their fate whether they continue releasing just simple brutal tunes, or maybe surprise their listeners next time around.

  1. Brimstone (feat. WD From Manu Armata)
  2. Old Hearts
  3. Death Drinker
  4. A Step Out Of Life
  5. Snowfox

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
May 29, 2013
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