Through Your Silence - The Zenith Distance

'The Zenith Distance' is Through Your Silence's second effort since their debut album in 2008, and three years later they are still on a track. A solid Melodic Death Metal band, their sound will bring to mind memories of bands like earlier Soilwork or even Darkane. The thing to focus on is the guitar structure which is highly reminiscent of Soilwork on tracks like "Through The Mouth..." which can be aggressive, brutal chugs that are extremely catchy and then breakdown into a more melodic solo that is just as infectious. Other tracks like "Worthless" follow the more typical Melodic Death Metal pattern of modern standards by including some clean vocals within the music, though they sound less well produced than the growls, which are often layered between a deep growl and a mid paced snarl; just perfect for the music.

Through Your Silence also include two brief symphonic-like interludes. "A Distant Reflection" is an excellent pause that is quite beautiful and fits the whole 'sci fi' atmosphere of the album itself with the wavering synth. The closing "Their Portraits Forever" is also beautiful, but sounds far too similar to the first interlude. If the band had set up their music so the introductory track was a symphonic piece, then the three could sound exactly the same and would suit themselves quite well. As it is, fans might feel that the band could have included something a little different to increase the variety of the music. Still, 'The Zenith Distance' is a very strong effort that any Melodic Death Metal fan should enjoy, from those of Miseration to Soilwork. Definitely not the heaviest stuff out there, but well balanced to almost any metalhead liking.

  1. Obscurity Unveiled
  2. Nameless Clouds
  3. Ablaze The Psalms
  4. Mind Collapses
  5. A Distant Reflection
  6. Worthless
  7. Through The Mouths Of This Crater
  8. Sinful Centuries
  9. Dead Existence
  10. Their Portraits Forever