Throw The Goat - Black Mountain

For those of you who like your rock ‘n’ roll hard and edgy and are a bit tired of the “Temecula set list” of classic rock and Johnny Cash covers that most local bands furnish, then there’s a group from Idyllwild that deserves your attention — the brain-melting “mountain metal” of Throw The Goat.

Southeast Bound
These attention grabbing rockers certainly know how to pull the proverbial rug out from under your feet so you fall flat on your face! The unrelenting beats of sheer ecstasy and the far reaching riffs permeates the listeners aural just as any good rock band should, but these rhythms are highly contagious and bristling with momentous ferocity, not a bad way to start!

Too Late
Another highly contagious track begins and with a magnetic pull has me reaching for the volume as a matter of urgency as I want to savour every morsel I can. It is literally steeped in a swathe of melodic wash and soaked in a swell of sophistication, with each member working so well on the album and putting their percentage into the track and that includes the perfect harmonies that interweave superbly well.

Last Call
This track is rife with deep drum beats and a sonic abrasion known as furious but well balanced rhythms with its riffs blending magically and purposely fusing the track together. Vocally rasping it adds additional depth to this superb track.

The only thing that is predictable here is that you know you are in for a damn good listen after hearing the last few tracks. The fast fingers of Brian and Johnny know no limits, with strong bass lines from Michael and precise beats from Tim. The beautiful swagger of rhythms are catchy and melodic and your head responds automatically to it and together they show their strengths on this track and rouse the senses to the extreme.

A brooding start that quickly turns into mayhem as it ferociously bites with venomous dripping fangs! Vocally scathing and raw and points the middle finger to the norm! Both compelling and rewarding it can certainly be called heavy!

Let It Rot
Getting to grips with their art, these four musicians have put their heads together and come up with a good piece of diverse rock. Again vocally scathing the heights, with a rhythm that is huge on sound and superb harmonies, this may leave you a little bruised to say the least!

Break The Mirror
A twisting slab of rock here that has a brooding quality and hits the heights with a swaggering potency. Although it isn’t a fast track, but slower, however it holds a sultry essence with unrelenting rhythms that swell with irresistible passion.

Sizzling with vibrant riffs and monumental vocals that have contrasting harmonies it holds a lot of rhythmic melody and swaggers with a certain confidence as all the boxes are ticked, for me anyhow! My only ‘Beef’ with the band is that the track doesn’t last longer!

One Sock
Houses an ambient and sultry rhythm that is once again addictive as it is moreish. The huge sway of sound is thick and rich in impressive musical brilliance and has enough attitude to warrant a listen or three! A very predatory track that stalks its prey with reckless abandon and shows no mercy.

I Always Lie
A shrill array of guitar riffs and precise drumming is played effortlessly and free flowing with emotion comes out from the speakers carrying with it plenty of rhythmic stance and instantly intimidating as it locks its steely jaw around your ears and forcibly gives you a wake-up call. The vehemence of the vocals leaves nothing to the imagination as it literally takes a swipe, instigated by a towering inferno of sound to back it up – this is one huge melodic track of intensity.

Free Your Mind
Heavy rhythmic pounding exploits its surroundings and reaches out from a catchy and unquestionable vastness of sheer melody that in turn creates one impacting track of unyielding terror on its victim. Not bad for a rock band!

Having A Beer
To finish off the guys have got together and chant their harmonies ‘Havin a beer’ in a rather tongue in cheek fashion, but none the less good old rock style creating a good old fashioned anthemic track that lacks nothing and sounds like they had fun making it! And a good way to finish off an album.

Throw the Goat have proved they are more than just a ‘heavy rock band’ that should be made abundantly clear. What they have got together here literally shines and outlines their talents surpassing the 100% mark. It’s diverse in the fact that vocally the range goes from rock orientated to downright brutal a bit like hitting the accelerator on a posh car! The tracks are descriptive and full of emotive backlash and really whets the appetite for persistent melodic rhythms and catchiness. The album does not just glide it storms the gates and at times charges right through it. The energy, diversity and leering presence all contrasts to bring you one feisty contagious and indeed listening experience. The guys know how to do a job and not skimped on anything – it is one superb listen from start to finish – “one cannot simply listen to Throw the Goat but when one does expect to have your ears embellished with sophistication!” Unless, of course, you are listening to ‘Havin’ a beer’ then you are allowed to go and get pissed!

  1. Southeast Bound
  2. Too Late
  3. Last Call
  4. Predictable
  5. Excuses
  6. Let It Rot
  7. Break The Mirror
  8. Beef
  9. One Sock
  10. I Always Lie
  11. Free Your Mind
  12. Having A Beer