Thrown To The Dogs - Brainwash Machinery

Thrown To The Dogs formed in 2010. The band was originally called The Stupar Project, and was founded by Slobodan Stupar on vocals guitar, bass, and drum programming as "one man band" project. TSP recorded its first demo "Through My Eyes" in March of 2010 and "Balkan Bastards EP" in February of 2011 in "Crna Zemlja" recording studio. The band had its first full line-up in February of 2011. TSP played shows through 2012 in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Germany.

In February of 2013 Boris parted ways with the band and was replaced with Denis Sloboda.
After line-up change, "change" of musical style, new album coming up the band has since decided to change the name to "Thrown to the Dogs". Debut album "Brainwash Machinery" was released and was also recorded in "Crna Zemlja" recording studio”

My discovery of Thrown to the Dogs came after buying the Save the Dapper CD, and I was blown away by the band’s sheer caustic onslaught and as they sent this over and feel I have a duty to perform – so without further ado... here is the full review of the album.

A Terrorist
A nice gnarly sample looms and sends out a message to the troops, provoking an extreme warning.  It contains a harsh vocal of vehemence in a true punk format. Its chunky chilling riffs scathe menacingly to a rich content of barbed lyrics and embraces a hungry, potent prowling bedlam.

Plastic Flavoured Future
A superb drum beat unfolds around a rasping and ravenous vocal onslaught. Combining a solid bass hook and unrestrained riffs that really have the head moving constantly to its ferocious content.

Brain Dead
Strong bass opens this track and it is followed by a barrage of blasting beats that are ripe and ready to pulverise. It literally bursts open and bristles with contemptible malice. A striking array of riffs, lifts the track to a momentous surging and housed in more ear splitting vocals.

False Promises
This track houses an immense amount of swagger that your body will see fit not to ignore as your head moves in time to the swelling rhythms as they pour out of the speakers. This rowdy rebellious band have indeed got my attention.

It’s Your Own Fault
If you are hungry then why not feast upon this! It is one surge of melting power that will engulf the listener with a resounding gulp! Ear splitting tendencies and a euphoric rhythm, it simply commands attention and gets it by the bucket load.

Another healthy offering of scathing rhythmic and impacting predatory awesomeness.  Its beats are orgasmic and the vocal flurry simply embeds itself into the psyche very nicely and leaves a truly insatiable stamp on the proceedings with its tumultuous riffs and fiery drumming – this blisters!!

Brainwash Machinery
The title track to what is turning into an immense listen, festering with insatiable caustic pleasure and is one immense track that doesn’t just smoulder but ignites! The thunderous drum beat will eat you alive!

Faces Of War
The vicious carry on continues in brutal form as this track sweeps into the light dragging with it the dark and declaring war on its victims. Invasive riffage of an evil ferocity that breaks out of its cage to simply throttle and goes well beyond the boundaries.

I am sure this album is getting heavier with each track! This again is nothing short of brutally insatiable. It pummels furiously amid caustic riffs that lay on an extreme vocal of throaty rasping’s and devious rhythms.

In The Name Of God
The abrasiveness onslaught carries on with no let up. Bouncing rhythms from every angle it deviously and dangerously provokes a barrage of riffs and solid bass hooks that release a strenuous bombardment of gnarly uncontrolled savagery right to the aural.

I’m Not A Lamb
I am extremely sorry that this is the last track on this album – as its corrosiveness punishes forthright and reaches out with a burning passion. Full of spite and hate, its anger is something to behold as it reaches its climax of sheer brutality. Vocally encompassing it really is one amazing track that deserves to be repeated.

From hearing just one track on the Save Dapper CD to a full on in your face brutal barrage of gnarly intimidating tracks this album is just breath taking and sets a new record for downright sonic savagery. Total head wreckage and ear battering and if you like your music this way, serves more than its purpose! Croatia is firmly on the map! There is no warning on this album it just goes straight for the aural with sheer and utter abandon – once you press the play button there is no escaping its ferocity – be warned!

  1. A Terrorist
  2. Plastic Flavoured Future
  3. Brain Dead
  4. False Promises
  5. It’s Your Own Fault
  6. Liar
  7. Brainwash Machinery
  8. Faces Of War
  9. Extermination
  10. In The Name Of God
  11. I’m Not A Lamb

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jun 12, 2013
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