Thunder - The Magnificant Seventh

In between all different weather conditions of modern (rock)music lightening strikes and Thunder still rocks. British hardrock which is at is best live on stage, but these folks managed to capture this feeling on disk very well. Easy romantic yet powerfull melodies finished with the characteristic vocals that lead into the familiar direction. To the people who prefer nice weather: you can't keep a good Thunder down. To the fans: they love you more than rock 'n' roll...

1. I love you more than Rock'n'Roll
2. The gods of love
3. Monkey see, monkey do
4. I'm dreaming again
5. Amy's on the run
6. The pride
7. Fade into the sun
8. Together apart
9. You can't keep a good man down
10. One foot in the grave
11. One fatal kiss

Frontiers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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