Thunderbolt - Apocalyptic Doom

SUPREME BLACK METAL ANNIHILATION. That pretty much sums up what these release is. Pure, utter, blackened hatered from Poland. Released on Agonia Records, Thunderbolt play brutal, and abusive music that lives up to the bands name. Quick as lightening guitars with a bad ass drummer to back up the speed. Doesnt matter if you like Black Metal or not. if you are into insanely fast and brutal music, Thunderbolt is a band you will appriciate. To put it in prospective...Slayer is "The Soundtrack To The Apocolypse"... Thunderbolt is the band that opens for what comes next! A must own.

1. The Omen/Apocalyptic Doom
2. Occult Gateway Of Hell
3. Infernal Redemption
4. Unity With Thousand Names
5. Spadnie Smiertelny Cios...
6. The Inner Beast
7. Scumslaughter
8. The Mark Of Cain
9. Beyond The End Of Time
Agonia Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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