Thunderkraft - The Banner Of Victory

From Russia with thunder. So now you know where they are coming from. Thunderkraft is releasing the album in their native language but add the English titles too to give you a little idea. Thunderkraft is mixing folk, pagan, death and black metal together in mid tempo songs. There are accelerations and with a different vocal style. You also hear folkish instruments like a violin or flute. The tracks are heavy in melody and rhythm, guitars are thick layered and vocals are dark and deep singing. Enjoyable album although it is not inventing the wheel again.

1. Sun In The Bosom
2. Masquerade For The Blind Prison Of Souls
3. North Inside
4. Mors Triumphalis
5. Matter Of Chaos
6. Majesty And Might
7. The Might Of The Thunder

Blazing Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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