Thunderkraft - Totentanz

These Ukrainian metallers have been together over a decade, bringing their mix of industrial/death/groove metal to the scene. After their debut in 2005, it’s taken them 7 years to get closer to their next release and this is it. Their songs focus around themes of war, freedom, history and cosmology. The strangest thing in their line-up is the inclusion of a violinist and a flautist.

The majestic opening to the album is noted by the background symphonic accompaniment that greets the listener on pressing play. The drum and guitar take most of the work here, with a fast beat and a funky riff rolling through the symphonic. The strangeness now is the death metal vocals, which weirdly work well within the orchestral style background that he must work with.

The keyboardist’s work also gives the music another dimension, that of a folkish sound and this works well, although at times the instrumentals do seem to overwhelm each other, and it gets a bit hard to listen to. Some of the industrial elements on the album also use the flautist, providing a different form of sound that I pretty much unique in folk/industrial metal. The triumphant background also reminds me slightly of Turisas, that is until the drums and guitars encroach back in and swallow it up into the industrial metal that it carries so well.

I didn’t think I’d like this, but the mix of folk elements with metal works deliciously well, providing a different layer every time one listens to the album. It also has that hit of Korpiklaani rolling around within it, although there isn’t as much focus on beer!

  1. A Time Will Come
  2. Mass Defect
  3. Totentanz (Dance Of The Dead)
  4. Death Won’t Separate Us
  5. The Future World
  6. A Crumpled Story
  7. Where The Dream Flows As Moisture From Eyelashes
  8. Towards A New Dawn
  9. The Creator Of Life

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 14, 2012

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