Thunderstone - The Burning

Power metal from Finland. The songs covers all the right ingredients for these kind of songs. Fanatic guitarriffing, clear male vocals, stewing drums and keys. Melody of the songs differ and also the tempo is diverse. Maybe a bit too much variation of the songs. But at the end the albums sounds good and although their are always remarks this album will satisfying for the power metal fans. I got the promo disc and the first pression will include 3 covers and 3 demo songs.

1. Until We Touch The Burning Sun
2. Break The Emotions
3. Mirror Never Lies
4. Tin Star Man
5. Spire
6. Sea Of Sorrow
7. Side By Side
8. Drawn To The Flame
9. Forth Into The Black
10. Evil Within

Nuclear Blast Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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