Thunderwar - The Birth Of Thunder

Well, I have to admit that my first impression on those guys was not the best possible. I mean you get to listen to a band from Poland, a country with a wide tradition in death metal, and the name you come upon is Thunderwar. I mean Thunderwar??? Not the best idea for a band name, especially for those who think that the first impression is the best. Anyway let's skip the name and get to the chase. Thunderwar is a band alive since 2012, and "The Birth Of Thunder" of 2013, is their first EP as a band, and only release for now!

Their name and titles might not be the best, but their music on the contrary is good. Old school approach on the death metal they decide to play. Mainly mid tempo, and influenced by bands as Unleashed and Dissection, in their moments of extremity of course. The reference bands tend to blend extremity with melodic interleaves, creating a cold atmosphere. This is exactly the type of death metal Thunderwar play, and I must say that it sounds really good, considering the age of the band members, but also the fact that this release is their very first one! The riffs are really clever, giving space to the song construction for more melodic lines to interfere and turn this very first EP in a cold and vast sight. This is what they want and their epic death metal (as they declare) seems really promising. Clever riffs, based in groove, create songs that reek their love for the old school. The bass lines follow the lead of the riffs, and the vocals have a really decent flow, adding their bit to the entire outcome. The production brings this stuff together in the best way ever, and how could it be done differently, as this EP was mixed and produced in Herz Studios (Decapitated, Vader, etc, etc). The bottom line is really simple.  "The Birth Of Thunder" might not be the EP of the century, but it is a really fresh new material from a band with perspective. Give it a shot.

  1. Vimana (The Chariots in Heaven)
  2. Shadows of Lindisfarne
  3. The Birth of Thunder
  4. Eagle of Glory (Bonus Track)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 4, 2014

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